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Things to do with London Escorts

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Making arrangement to meet with a sexy women, you’ve never met before can be an exciting and also daunting experience. It’s totally understandable for one to become quite flustered and overwhelmed with do to get the rendezvous off to a good start. I’m mostly referring to the new comer and not the connoisseur. So here are just two tips to give you a little push.

Dinner for Two

This is always a great place to start there are so many fabulous restaurants to go to throughout the vibrant city of London and the night time is when our gorgeous central London shine the brightest. Some many cultural cuisines, from different ethnicities to choose from. Key location’s such as Soho, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Regents Street, Marylebone and bustling Edgware Road will leave you spoilt for choice. It is a no brainer to say you can not go wrong with NUBU, The Mango Tree and Hawksmoor. these three fine dinning establishments have their feet firmly planted in our Top 3 restaurants list. Please don’t hesitate to call and ask our friendly receptionist for recommendation we are always very happy to help you.

Hit the Night club

Why not see what our girls are made of and watch them shake their tailfeather on the dance floor. Known for the best way to get a girl smiling, and you a little hot under the collar.  The music will be loud so, you won’t be able to talk much and body language will be doing the talking. And don’t we have some alluring London escorts who know how to keep you entranced and entertained until you want leave the club, to get some much needed private time, with your sex kitten.

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