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Escort Etiquette

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Escort Etiquette

The ladies we represent are truly the most loveliest women you are likely to ever meet. Please treat them with the upmost respect and always be a gentlemen. We will never tolerate our courtesans being referred to as, prostitute, Harlots, Whores, Hookers or street walkers because they are none of this things. They are hard working girls, who are professional business women and must be treated as such.

Here are some worth while tips when hiring one of our London Escorts

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So if you are contemplating on booking an Escort through us. It is a great idea to do a little research in the first instance.

It is true that booking an escort is just like every other specialist services and to get a high quality outcome you need to follow certain rules. In this article it refers to treating the escort correctly and making sure you are aware of the general etiquette standards.

for first timers and newbies this can be a pretty daunting experience, So we thought we ‘d give you a little heads up on what’s expected of you.

1. Cleanliness is Loveliness

This has to be at the top of the list always make sure you are top to toe squeaky clean, because without a doubt cleanliness it always at the forefront of our girls minds. So make sure, you’ve showered, cleaned your teeth and your hands nails and feet are clean well groomed. It will also be appreciated if you shave or trim your private parts and beard, however this most certainly is not a must.

2. Don’t be tardy for the party

Just like with any scheduled arrangement, lateness can definitely create little annoyance, so being on time, or even a little early, is always classed as considerate. It is also imperative to let us know if you are going to be delayed, or are unable to make the appointment. If you do not follow this simple task. We have been known to block these punters numbers and refuse to take your call in the future. To be clear we hate TIME WASTERS. Also once you have missed your booking the worst thing you can do is show up any time you like. This is the classed as a high level of disrespect.

3. Take with you a kind gesture

Of course this is not essential but you can be sure that bringing a gift goes a very long way. Bottle’s wine, champagne, flowers, chocolate and lingerie are all the things that get you very good reception. Offering a present of some kind let the escort know you are looking forward to knowing her better.

4. Happy talky talky

Obviously general chit chat is not going to be at the top of your list when selecting your part time lover but it sure does have to come some where in the line up. You see talking is the way forward to good chemistry and good chemistry equal excellent happy ending. so don’t be afraid to spark a little, or a lot of conservation. Take an interest in her and she will do the same in return. You should know she will want the experience to be just a good as you want it to be.

5. When Placing your Booking Ask Questions.

Our reception knows our London Escort girls very well, so please be sure to ask all the questions you want to know about the escort you choosing. And if you have requests like outfits and costume to wear. Or want to let her know specific things about you, such as disabilities like, hard of hearing or wheel chair access, please don’t hesitate to ask if she can accommodate these factors.

6. Keep it Classy

Never ask our ladies to share their personal details such as telephone numbers. Also don’t ask personal question about their private life and also how much money he makes is a big NO NO! These things will most definitely turn your lovely encounter into a very awkward and possibly embarrassing moment, leading to one that you both could have done without.

7. Don’t Arrive Drunk or Inebriated

A little tickle of Whisky, or a quick shot to take the edge off is absolutely not a problem. However being shit faced is definitely not on. If you want to get intoxicated during your booking. Please make sure the agency has been informed, so that the escort is aware of this in advance.

8. Treat Her with Respect

We can’t stress to you enough how important it is to treat the ladies with respect. Making a mistake here and there is understandable, however being disrespectful will land you in hot water every time. So keep in mind to always be gracious, and present yourself in gentleman fashion.  .


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