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My Other Life

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My Other Life

Fantasizing is something I do often. It passes the time and keeps my brain wired towards sex.
As a married women of 8 years, I have no kids and I’m an escort girl. I’m 32 and I have been escorting since I was 20 years old. I look after myself well and still have a great figure. However now I have bigger DD boobs. I’m still a size 8, but now I have blonder hair. My best assets are my long toned legs and my sky blue eyes, which my husband says got me this big rock on my finger.
I’ve always thought my husband would never agree with what I do. That’s why I still have not told him what I get up to when he’s gone. But recently I’m starting to think he thinks other wise.

Just medical injectable steroids so you know!
We bought our home 5 years ago in Chelsea London and we love it here. My husband is a high flyer and has lots of friends and mingles with influential people, internationally. He works in the City and most of time doesn’t come home until after 9 pm. So this give me enough time to still be me. For me it’s not the money, why I do escorting. It’s the trill and the secret that I am addicted to. It’s who I am.

Secret Location
I take in calls in my girlfriends apartment, not too far from where we live. She knows that my other half is clueless to what I do and she has my back 100%.
There has been the odd occasions when I’ve taken in calls in our home but this is not something I make a habit of. Also I only see regular clients, I’m a private girl, my rates starts from £700 for 1 hour and my pics are not listed on any website. And last week was one of those occasional moments.

Agency Booking
The Agency said the client was a regular, and as well they said he is good looking. I would have still seen him, if he wasn’t attractive, but knowing that he was pleasing on the eyes was nice. They also said he’d be here at 1 pm and had requested I greet him at the door wearing nothing, but an opened white shirt and bear feet. I thought I’d get my self in the mood before he arrives.

I’m very good at pleasing myself and having over 10 orgasms a day keeps this girl in tip top condition. (FACT)

After I had a nice refreshing shower, I throw on my hubby’s white shirt as the bell rang. Giving myself the once over look in the mirror, beside the front door. I looked through the peep hole and was pleased to see a very tall, dark and hansom guy, looking relaxed, wearing black, business suit and black shirt. He looked a bit gangster, which made him brand intas look ever more sexy. And to be honest from that moment, all I wanted to do was sit on his face.
I opened the door, making sure I was exposing more than enough. He was gorgeous, wow. I wasn’t too sure if he liked me, because he wasn’t saying much. However he was confident and the silence wasn’t uncomfortable. I’ve been in this exact position before, but last time, as soon as I opened the door, the dude took one look at me. Shoved a wedge on money in my hand and promptly started kissing me, it was so full on, and basically the entire 1 hour booking, was spent in my entrance hall. What fun!!

Smooth Operator
But this guy was showing to be a little different. Whilst I led the way to the living room, he ask if I minded being filmed. I said only with a mask on. He was happy with this, took off his jacket and proceeded to take off his clothes. Nice EVERYTHING, I thought as he got down to the last buttons on his shirt. I stepped close enough so that our skin would touched. Then he kissed me and OMG! my pussy started throbbing like no ones business, I wanted this dude so bad it was ridiculous. And luckily for me, I was about to get exactly what I wanted.

To Be continued


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