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Thank You For Such A Great Year!

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We want to start by saying thank you every much to our admin staff, London Escorts and of course Punters.
You have all made this closing year one to be remembered. It was great reading all your Xmas texts with well wishes. And we hope you all got what you wanted on Christmas Day.
We didn’t get snow, but so what! We got into the Christmas spirit, had tons of SEX, pulled some crackers and had way to much to drink.
We were not surprised to have records numbers, when it came to escort bookings. Yes they literally went through the roof. We believe this is because we had such a great selection of London’s finest escorts available at this scares time of year. Plus we are always open 24 hours a day 7 days  a week. So that makes us even more stable at the top.
New Years Eve also clocked up record numbers and a lot of our girls felt very lucky seeing in the New Year with a generous gentleman waltzing them around till the early AM.

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